Contact Lenses

For an initial contact lens appointment, we typically reserve a one-hour consultation.

At this consultation, the Optometrist will discuss with the patient their reasons for choosing contact lenses, how the wearing of contact lenses might be incorporated into the patient’s day-to-day schedule, and how frequently the patient plans on wearing them. This information, in addition to the results of the patient’s eye test, will assist in determining the right lenses for the patient.

Because Eyes is independent, the practice is not limited in the choice of lenses we can recommend. As such, the practice consistently sources the best lenses made from the latest materials from well-known and reputable international manufacturers to suit the particular requirements of each patient.

When the patient comes to collect their lenses, they will be taught how to insert and remove them by our fully qualified dispensing opticians in our custom-built teaching area. We ensure that the patient only leaves the practice when they feel entirely comfortable with the process and have had all their questions and queries answered.

The practice provides a number of different types of contact lenses, each with their own unique features. During the appointment, the Optometrist will discuss with the patient these different types, assess the patient’s needs, and together select the most suitable type.