Children Eyecare

Eye examination for children is an essential part of their general health check.

Eye examination is used for detecting a wide variety of conditions which can have long-term effects on the child’s visual development. Two yearly eye check-ups are essential for all preschool children.

The practice uses appropriate methods for different age groups in order to diagnose refractive or anatomical conditions.

Most Optometrists and Opticians simply refuse to fit children with contact lenses. Contrarily, our experience is that children manage lenses very well and gain immense confidence through the wearing of contact lenses, especially when playing sports or on stage.

Our approach is coordinated on an individual basis; we prefer to examine each child and family case-by-case. As such, we do not put a lower age limit on lens wear for children.

Myopia Control

All myopia prescriptions can cause changes to the physical structures within the eye and subsequently increase the risk of future eye disease. This problem is also more likely seen in those with higher prescriptions. Consequently, it has been recognised as vital to prevent the progression of myopic damage by aiming to keep the patient’s prescription as low as possible from a young age.