Tear Clinic

Tear Clinic is a specialist eyecare service used to diagnose and manage ocular surface diseases and relieve ocular surface symptoms related to dry and excessive wet eyes.

Our in-practice treatments include:

  • Bleph Ex-Microblepharoexfoliation: for deep cleaning of the eyelashes and eyelid margins to treat Demodex Blepharitis
  • Fitting dissolvable and permanent punctum plugs to create a reservoir of tears
  • Treatment of Chalazia (styes)
  • Lacrimal syringing for excessive tears


Independent Prescribing

Due to the practice’s qualifications in independent prescribing, the practice is equipped with the necessarily skills and technology to quickly and effectively manage many eye conditions that the patient may have previously thought to be dealt with by their GP or by an Eye Doctor at A&E.

Eyes has the ability to prescribe the same medical drugs for eye-related diseases as NHS doctors; consequently, it may be more convenient for the patient’s eyecare issues to be dealt with at Eyes instead of by their GP.


Myopia Control

Ortho K, or Orthokeratology, is a revolutionary vision correction therapy that gently corrects vision overnight while asleep, eliminating the need for contact lenses or glasses during the day.

The procedure uses specifically designed RGP contact lenses manufactured from a special highly oxygen-permeable material. When worn during the night, these lenses apply a controlled shape in short-sighted patients, and is a safe and comfortable form of vision correction without the risks associated with surgery.

Eyes has been one of the first practices in Scotland to provide this innovative piece of recent eyecare technology.