Vinylize have convinced the world that it is cool to wear vinyl on your face.

Milaskey Tipton Zachary's quest began in 1998 with rimless frames and evolved into experimentation with different plastics. While looking for a suitable material, he noticed his father's old vinyl record collection in the corner of the garage workshop and realised that three frames could be made from one vinyl record. It was a eureka moment and a legend was born.

Zack teamed up with his brother Zoltan in 2004 and founded Tipton Eyeworks and the first Vinylize by Tipton collection was made in Budapest. They have since perfected the method of creating durable frames of the highest quality. All frames are handmade in a workshop in Budapest and only the choicest vinyl is used.

In 2018, Vinylize announced its tie-up with legendary rock band AC/DC. Eyes is stocking the officially licensed Vinylize x AC/DC collection. Each piece is made from repressings of the band’s original Back in Black vinyl, so the grooves of hits like "Hells Bells" and "Let Me Put My Love Into You" are clearly visible on the front.

Vinylize is worn by Dani Alves, Robbie Williams, Fred Durst, Elvis Costello and Mick Fleetwood.